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When you continue to suffer from ongoing back and neck pain, stem cell therapy may provide the relief you need. Dr. Carline Clerge-Leger at Well Care Integrative Medicine offers innovative stem cell injections to trigger new tissue growth, reduce inflammation, promote healing, and help eliminate pain. To learn more about stem cell therapy, call the office in West Palm Beach, Florida, or use online booking to schedule an appointment.

Stem Cell Therapy Q & A

What are stem cells?

Stem cells have the unique ability to continuously replicate to produce fresh cells and build new tissues. One group of stem cells, embryonic stem cells, can duplicate and develop into any type of organ and tissue.

After you’re fully grown, you still have adult stem cells that continue to produce specific tissues. Adult stem cells replicate throughout your life, keeping you healthy by replacing old cells with new cells and healing damaged tissues throughout your body.

Adult stem cells can stay dormant for years, if they’re not needed for healing. Then they’re activated by injury or disease and go back to work dividing and creating new tissues.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy consists of injecting a concentrated amount of stem cells into an area of your body that’s injured or diseased. Dr. Clerge-Leger uses ultrasound-guided injection to be sure the stem cells are deposited at the precise area where they’re needed.

Once the stem cells are in your body, they continue to do their natural job — promoting healing by producing new cells to replace the damaged cells.

There are two possible sources for the stem cells used for your injection. Mesenchymal stem cells are adult stem cells that can be harvested from your own body fat or from a small bone marrow sample taken from your hip.

Mesenchymal stem cells are especially beneficial for healing conditions affecting your spine because they have the ability to:

  • Develop into bone, muscle, cartilage, and fat
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote cell growth and fight cell death
  • Increase blood vessel growth
  • Secrete proteins that promote health and/or tissue growth

Some doctors use stem cells derived from placental tissue, cord blood, or amniotic stem cells, which are donated by consenting mothers after a cesarean delivery. Following the cesarean section, the amniotic fluid is discarded, but it’s easily collected, purified, and used for stem cell therapy.

What conditions are treated with stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is used to heal a variety of injuries and degenerative conditions in cartilage, bones, muscles, and their supporting soft tissues, including ligaments and tendons. Dr. Clerge-Leger may recommend stem cell injections to promote healing in your back and neck.

Stem cell therapy may deliver relief for chronic back and neck pain arising from many possible causes, because it reduces inflammation, which in turn diminishes your pain. It’s often used to help regenerate tissues damaged by degenerative disc disease and facet joint arthritis.

To learn more about stem cell therapy and whether you’re a good candidate for this innovative treatment, call Well Care Integrative Medicine or book an appointment online.